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Anthony Corsi Ass Stretched Wide

Added Jan 11, 2021 Avg Rating: 4.00

He’s been storing his seed up for too long - Theo Sartera delivers a rough fuck to poor Anthony Corsi, pounding him brutally until his boy cunt is red-raw and aching. Cut twinks suck and fuck it out in the darkness of the cruise club.

Categories: Darkroom, Rough, Twinks

Back of the Car Blowjob

Added Nov 11, 2013 Avg Rating: 4.00

Cocky little shit Theo Sartera is back and getting his fat dong blown by Adrian Veidt – his new mate that he picks up cruising down by the viaduct. Adrian puts his back into the pants-to-the-knees blowjob he delivers in the back of the car, Theo kicks back and takes what his cock has earned him.

Categories: Outdoor, Twinks

Juicy Young Cock Backseat Fuck

Added May 24, 2018 Avg Rating: 5.00

Theo Sartera, a randy, well-hung young fucker and Andy Chou, a slim lad with a well-trained ass, start blowing each other on the backseat of a car. Then Andy has to prove that his ass is as exercised as he claims! Theo screws Andy's brains out - outside and then back in the car! Two hot guys with loads of cum ready to spurt out!

Categories: Outdoor, Twinks
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Military meets Sportswear for Squat Fuck

Added Jun 1, 2017 Avg Rating: 4.00

Leo Helios is stroking his rock-solid cock as it pokes out of his army gear when Theo Sartera comes though the trashed squat looking for action. Soon Leo Helios is getting a hefty fuck up against the wall, with a jack off competition to empty the sack of the young fucker.

Categories: Darkroom, Young / Old

Nightclub Backstage Fuck Party

Added Sep 24, 2012 Avg Rating: 3.40

Backstage in a night club Theo and Morgan still have their live porn show to do, but they've already started to prepare - and don't give a damn about what some people might say. Morgan, slightly hairy, three-day stubble, addicted to sucking and a power bottom, seduces Theo, a slim twink-stallion, who gives Morgan a ride he will remember!

Categories: Twinks

Slut Eats Own Cum after Getting Fucked

Added Nov 9, 2020 Avg Rating: 4.00

They've just got out of the shower and already start fucking! Matt and Theo are young and slim - and their balls under pressure. They blow each other, then Matt spreads his legs and lets Theo's fuck tool screw him until both are ready to shoot their wad. Matt even cums into his own mouth!

Categories: Big Dicks, Young / Old, Hunks, Twinks

Sneaker Wankers’ Afternoon Fuck

Added Feb 12, 2018 Avg Rating: 5.00

After finding a quiet corner of a wrecked building Theo Sartera soon has his little skater buddy Stan Lacoste on his knees and slurping at his heavy fucktool before he jams it in for a round of assfucking before seeding up his sneaks.

Categories: Outdoor, Twinks

Sweet Young Ass Fucker Takes what He Wants

Added May 28, 2012 Avg Rating: 3.80

Young, slim and innocent? At first glance one wouldn't expect a hard fucker when meeting Theo Sartera. Wrong guess! The guy knows exactly what he wants and that is Quentin's nicely proportioned, sexy ass. Sucking, deep fucking and juicy cumshots!

Categories: Young / Old, Twinks

Twinks in a Brick Shack

Added Aug 13, 2020 Avg Rating: 4.00

Suck and fuck in a darkroom. Theo, in his early twenties, athletic, with a huge boner, lets Morgan play with his dick, who takes care of it with his mouth! In return Theo leans him slightly against the wall and fucks him hard!

Categories: Darkroom, Twinks